Our Ragglesticks

Premier Forest Products is home to all of your wooden shipping products, both standard and custom. We specialize in providing QUALITY custom made wooden shipping products and EXCEEDING your customer service expectations. Premier Forest Products provides competitive pricing while striving to produce the highest quality products and delivering unmatched service. Some of our products and services include custom packaging, cut to size panel products, wood crates, wooden pallets, and pallet recycling. We also offer custom shipping solutions, such as Banding Groove Material and Raggle Sticks for packaging pipe and other cylindrical items. Premier Forest Products can create most any custom wooden product to your specification. So if your company is having trouble finding a supplier willing and capable to produce a custom item, please call us today to find out how we can help you meet your wood packaging needs.


In providing you with prompt delivery and high-class products built with innovative industry technology and ideas, PFP is, without a doubt, your ideal packaging partner!

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